Sunday, May 15, 2011

India BPO Industry - 2011 Focus & Growth Areas

Indian BPO Industry Focus 2011

Consolidation in the market and increased market activity. Large players buying small players.

BPO industry is rethinking its strategy for growth and moving towards BPO 3.0. BPO 1.0 was built upon cost efficiencies/productivity; BPO 2.0 focused on greater breadth and depth while embracing the ‘globalization’ of delivery capacity. BPO 3.0 will focus on value enhanced end-to-end solutions, inclusive growth, and tier 2/3 towns.

BPO companies are also facing the threat of losing business to large IT companies which offer integrated IT-BPO services. To counter this, standalone BPO companies will have to offer IT services like enterprise application support, remote infrastructure management (RIM), application development and management (ADM) and business intelligence, to maintain their competitive edge, say industry observers.